Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what to expect when making a claim? Discover answers to frequently asked questions on the claims process, what documentation is required & more about LHD Lawyers & our services below.

The Claims Process

What is the claims process?
How long does the claims process take?
What are the different types of claims?
How much does it cost to make a claim?
What evidence do I need for a claim?
How are claims settled?
What is involved in the appeals process?
Will I go to court?
What happens after my claim is accepted?
How much compensation will I receive?


What documents will I receive, and how will I receive them?
Do I need to have a DocuSign account?
How do my signed documents get sent back?

About LHD Lawyers

Who are LHD Lawyers?
What legal services do LHD Lawyers provide?
How do I get in contact with LHD Lawyers?
How will I work with LHD Lawyers?
Can I choose a lawyer in your firm to work with me? 
How often will LHD Lawyers be in contact with me?
How do I track my case with LHD Lawyers?
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