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If you’ve lost a family member, or have been injured in an aviation incident, LHD Lawyers can help.

Injuring yourself or losing a family member as a result of an aircraft accident is devastating. If you’ve been involved in an aircraft accident or know someone who has, LHD Lawyers can help you win the compensation you may be entitled to.

Our team of aviation law specialists have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in your aviation related compensation case. Our experience in domestic aviation extends to commercial and light aircraft incidents; this includes acting for persons who have suffered during a flight, at the time of boarding or disembarking from an aircraft.

Aviation law is extremely tricky to understand if you don’t have specialised knowledge and experience which comes from dealing with these sorts of high-profile compensation claims.

Jerry Skinner, LHD’s co-associate, is our aviation specialist with over 35 years of aviation law experience. Jerry has represented countless families of passengers lost from aviation disasters, including the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17.

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We’ve been helping Australians receive the maximum amount of compensation for over 25 years.

LHD Lawyers is representing our families, other passengers and crew involved in a horrific air accident. We are confident in their track record to help bring justice to our loved ones.
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