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Suffering from bullying and harassment in the workplace? Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone. LHD Lawyers can give you the legal support, advice and action you need at this time.

What is workplace bullying and harassment?

Workplace bullying and harassment is a horrible circumstance that can unfortunately happen to anyone, regardless of their position in the company, how long they’ve been an employee or how much they get paid. Bullying and harassment in the workplace can cause psychological injury through damaging both your mental and physical health, and can cause long-term repercussions like psychological trauma and ongoing stress and anxiety. 

If you’re experiencing workplace bullying and harassment and it’s affecting your ability to function in your day-to-day life, get in touch with one of the psychological injury legal experts at LHD Lawyers. We’ll be able to assess whether you have a workplace trauma claim through Workers’ Compensation and can help you receive the maximum payout for your suffering. 

Can you sue your employer for psychological injury in the workplace?

If one of more of the following statements apply to you, you may be able to make a psychological trauma claim:

  • Is your employer covered by Federal anti-bullying laws?
  • Is the behaviour you’re experiencing in your workplace repeated and unreasonable?
  • Is the behaviour you’re experiencing creating a risk to your physical or mental health and safety?
  • Unless action is taken to stop the behaviour, is it likely to continue? 
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