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If you have been injured on public land or someone's property then you may be entitled to compensation.

Have You Suffered an Injury Due To Negligent or Hazardous Conditions in a Public Place?

The absolute last thing we expect to happen when going out for our weekly groceries is to suffer a permanent long-term injury; however, slips and trips are common and sustaining a serious injury as a result of another person or an organisation’s negligence can be life-changing.

If you have been injured in a public place, then you may be entitled to compensation. Your compensation entitlement will depend on whether the organisation or person involved acted negligently; and whether that negligence lead to you being injured.

Examples of Public Liability

Public liability law covers a wide range of situations and circumstances. If you think you may be entitled to public liability compensation, we strongly urge you to contact LHD Lawyers to speak with one of our compensation lawyers as soon as possible.

Below are some examples of injury situations that may entitle you to seek compensation:

  • Injuries sustained in a supermarket
  • Injuries sustained in a retail outlet or shopping centre
  • Injuries sustained in a park or sporting ground
  • Injuries sustained from falling in a public place
  • Recreational activity injuries
  • Aviation and boating injuries
  • Injuries sustained through physical assault
  • Injuries caused through animal attacks
  • Schoolyard injuries
  • Injuries sustained at amusement parks
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