Falls at Work

If you had a fall at work and it has left you in pain and unable to keep or seek employment, you may be justified in seeking compensation. Contact the slip, trip and fall legal experts at LHD Lawyers today.

Can I sue my employer for a slip and fall?

Usually, you can’t sue your employer for a slip, trip or fall you had while working. Instead, injuries suffered at work will be covered by your state’s workers’ compensation laws, so you’ll need to lodge a workers’ compensation claim, as opposed to a personal injury claim. The team at LHD Lawyers are on-hand to support you through this process. 

Are slip and fall cases hard to win?

You can claim for traumatic back injuries that have caused you significant pain and suffering, loss of income, or loss of enjoyment of life. Some common causes of these types of back injuries may include:

  • Faulty goods or equipment
  • Slips and falls
  • Falling from a height
  • Lifting or carrying heavy objects without the necessary assistance
  • Road accidents during time of work
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