Claiming Stress Leave At Work

If you’ve experienced abnormal stress or a traumatic event at work, you may be able to claim compensation for the suffering you’ve been caused. LHD Lawyers can help you make a claim for your psychological injuries.

Can I claim compensation for being stressed at work?

Everyone gets stressed at work, however if your work environment has resulted in long-term psychological injury to you, then you may be able to make a successful stress at work claim. Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression and PTSD can be difficult to successfully claim for, which is why you’ll need the guidance of an experienced stress at work compensation claim solicitor. 

What do I have to prove when making a stress claim?

For a present or past employee to have a successful claim for stress at work, they will need to meet the whole person impairment (WPI) threshold, which will gauge how much they have been affected as an individual. The WPI threshold is currently set at 15% for psychological injuries, so the claimant will need to prove that they are 15% psychologically poorer than if they’d never experienced the injury. 

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