Income Protection Claim Lawyers

Income Protection Claim Lawyers

Every part of your life gets affected if you get sick or suffer an injury that holds you back from work. This is where income protection insurance comes in, taking care of you when your livelihood is in jeopardy. Find out if you can make an income protection claim.

99% win rate

99% win rate

30+ years experience

30+ years experience

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No win no fee

If you become ill or injured and require time off work to recover, you may still be able to receive a regular payment to help cover your expenses. Income protection, salary continuance or Total or Temporary Disability benefits can be available through your superannuation fund or a separate insurance policy, in addition to your existing superannuation contributions.

What is income protection insurance?

Income protection insurance is cover designed to replace the loss of your regular income. The amount is based on what you earned in the 12 months before you were injured or became ill.

Income protection insurance can be purchased through a bank, insurance company and even through your superannuation provider. You may even be automatically covered through your super fund without being aware of it. Levels of cover can vary a lot, so it is wise to look closely into your policy to know exactly what protection you actually have.

Income protection insurance serves to cover any income you lose as a result of injuries, illnesses or medical conditions, including mental illnesses, which are ongoing and affect your capacity to earn an income and support yourself and your family.

Income protection insurance can be quite complex, with hugely varying inclusions and exclusions from insurer to insurer and vast amounts of fine print. LHD Lawyers can help you navigate the claim process to ensure you receive your full entitlements as quickly as possible, so you can get your life back to normal as quickly as possible.

Who can claim income protection?

Anyone who has suffered an injury or illness (even if the injury or illness were sustained outside of work) can claim income protection insurance if their condition has affected their ability to earn an income.


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