No Win No Fee Claims

For many people, the thought of engaging a compensation lawyer to handle their claim is just out of the question.

The fear of not being able to pay legal fees can be extremely daunting if your financial situation doesn’t allow for big spend items. The team at LHD Lawyers strongly believe that all Australians should have access to legal representation in times of need, regardless of their financial situation. Our No Win No Fee policy allows our expert team to provide superior advice to anyone who needs it.

What is no win no fee?
How does the No Win No Fee policy work?
What claims are covered by our No Win No Fee policy?
Can anyone apply for the No Win No Fee policy?
How are my legal fees calculated?
What do I pay if I win or lose?
What Makes LHD Lawyers Different?
What are YOUR obligations?
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We Win

We are client focused and aim to exceed our client’s expectations: our 99% win rate speaks for itself. We offer free consultation to help people understand what their possible course of action and entitlements could be, and we even back our compensation law clients with a No Win No Fee offer.

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We Care

About our clients, our communities and our people. Respect and compassion is at the forefront of the way we do business and work with one another. We are proud members of our local communities, supporting the communities in which we operate to grow and prosper too.

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We Advocate

We see ourselves as client advocates first, and lawyers second. With over 25 years of experience as a firm, and hundreds of years of experience collectively, we know the most effective course of action for our client to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

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We Respond

Our goal is to ensure that those with a genuine claim are duly compensated in a timely manner. We don’t want clients to suffer long, drawn out legal processes but effective courses of action to reach a successful outcome.

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