Class Actions

Class actions allow groups of people affected by mass wrongdoings to take action together.

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Current Class Actions

There may be a wide range of class actions at any given time, which you could be affected by. Read about our current class action cases and see if you’re eligible to register as a group member.

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Past Class Actions

LHD Lawyers has an extensive track record of success in class actions and group proceedings. Learn more about our class action successes.

What are the advantages of a class action lawsuit?

Strength in numbers

Access to justice for Australians who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to pursue claims on their own.

Save on legal costs

By joining together, individuals can share the risks and costs of claiming compensation. Legal advice is also shared, so not everyone in the action needs to pay for their own solicitor.

Access to more experienced legal representation

Class action lawsuits may be handled by more experienced, highly competent lawyers who have gone through similar cases in the past. Allowing plaintiffs to be represented by someone they might not have been able to afford on their own.

Greater uniformity of recoveries among similar individuals

Since only one decision, or one settlement will be made, plaintiffs’ recoveries should be consistent.

Greater judicial efficiency

class actions are decided by one judge in one court. Therefore, the litigation will take up less cumulative court time and involve fewer judges.

Help victims with small claims

for someone who has lost a small amount of money whereby it wouldn’t be financially beneficial for them to bring their own individual action, a group class action can be a very viable option for that person to gain a reward.

What is a class action and how do they work?
What are the benefits of joining a class action?
How do I start a class action?
How can I join a class action?
What does it cost to join a class action?
What are the different types of class actions?
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