Slips & Falls At Work Lawyers

If you’ve had a slip, trip or fall in a public place as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your suffering.

Do I have a slip, trip or fall injury claim?

Our team here at LHD Lawyers are slip and fall compensation experts, and will be able to assess your slip fall accident to see if you have a potentially successful claim. Get in contact with us and we can give you no-obligation advice, as well as helping you to understand your rights if you’ve suffered from a slip and fall injury.

Every slip, trip and fall is different, but generally, if you’ve suffered from an injury in a public place you may be entitled to make a public injury claim. If your case is successful and you receive slip and fall compensation, it can go towards your medical expenses, loss of income expenses, and compensate you for your loss of life enjoyment.

What types of slip, trip and fall situations can I make a claim for?

If you’ve had a slip, trip or fall in any of the following places, you may be able to make a claim and receive compensation:

  • Supermarket
  • Rental property
  • Shopping centre or a shopping centre carpark
  • Schoolyard or sporting ground
  • Other public areas.
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What are the costs involved in making a slip, trip or fall injury claim?
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Who pays the slip, trip or fall compensation to me?
Are there time limits for when I can make a slip, trip or fall claim?
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