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Have you been prescribed or given the incorrect medicine for a medical condition and had it negatively impact your health? The prescription error attorneys at LHD Lawyers can help you receive the medical malpractice compensation you deserve.

What is a medication error claim and is it available to me in Queensland?

Medical misdiagnosis in the  form of medication and prescription errors, involve a patient being given the incorrect medication or an incorrect dose of medication. The concept covers both when the correct prescription is prescribed but not given, or when a doctor fails to prescribe the correct medication or dosage in the first place. 

Harm may be caused to a person through medication and prescription errors not only through their taking of the incorrect medication, but also through the incorrect medication causing their original condition to not be treated. This can result in further injury or harm being caused to them over a period of time. 

Medication and prescription errors, and consequently medical misdiagnosis can occur for a number of reasons. These may include:

  • A doctor intending to prescribe the correct medication, but instead making a mistake with the name transcription or prescribing an incorrect dosage
  • A pharmacist, nurse or other medical practitioner misreading a doctor’s handwriting and dispensing or administering the incorrect drug or dosage as a result of this mistake
  • A doctor making an incorrect or improper medical decision about the appropriate medication, and making a prescription decision based on this decision


If you’ve suffered as a result of taking the wrong medication or dosage, then you may be eligible to make a medical misdiagnosis claim and be eligible for medical misdiagnosis compensation. The prescription error lawyers at LHD Lawyers are on hand to chat with you about your situation and advise you on the best course of action for your case. 

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