Birth Injury Claims Queensland

If a doctor, midwife or hospital’s negligence or malpractice has resulted in you experiencing a birthing injury or complications, you may be entitled to compensation through a birth injury claim. LHD can help.

What is birthing injury compensation?

If your pregnancy or childbirth resulted in permanent injuries to you or your child due to incorrect medical advice or treatment by a doctor, nurse, midwife or hospital, you may be eligible to claim for birth injury malpractice. You can also make a birth injury claim on behalf of a child through LHD Lawyers, which will be managed by the child’s parent, guardian or trustee.

What types of childbirth complications can I make a birthing injury claim for?

Some of the most common childbirth complications that can result in claims include:

  • Injury to you by medical practitioners failing to recognise serious emergency conditions
  • Injury to you by the poor management of postpartum haemorrhage
  • Injury to you due to the failure to recognise the extent of a vaginal tear
  • Injury to you due to failure to manage preeclampsia after delivery
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