Eye Injury Claims Queensland

Sustained an eye injury while on the job? Whether it was a lack of PPE equipment, falling materials or unmaintained machinery, you may be entitled to compensation if your employer has breached their duty of care in keeping you safe. Contact LHD Lawyers for help today.

Eye injury claims at work

If you’ve suffered from an eye injury while at work, your employer may be liable to pay you damages if the injury occurred at your workplace. As covered under various Occupational Health and Safety statues, your employer owes you a duty of care when it comes to providing you with protective goggles and other PPE equipment when working with machinery and chemicals. 

Eye injuries can affect your ability to work, live your day-to-day life and experience the enjoyment and quality of life that you once possessed. Here at LHD Lawyers, we’re here to help you get back on your feet and receive the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

What are the common causes of eye injuries?

Our eye injury solicitor team have found that an overarching cause of eye injuries in the workplace is a lack of access to PPE equipment when performing certain tasks. Other common causes of eye injuries can include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Accidental blunt force trauma
  • Fractures or breaks of the facial bones such as the eye socket
  • Scratches and abrasions to eyelids or eyeball surfaces
  • Lacerations or cuts
  • Foreign bodies entering the eye such as wood or grit
  • Chemical burns from contact with irritant products
  • Radiation burns from UV exposure


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