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Been the victim of a hit and run motor vehicle accident? At this difficult time, the last thing you want to be dealing with is complex legal processes. The hit and run accident claim team at LHD Lawyers are on-hand to help you.

What is a hit and run accident?

When you are involved in a car accident, you are required by law to stop your vehicle, make sure that everyone is okay and exchange details with the other parties involved for insurance and repair purposes. 

A failure to follow this process is considered to be a ‘hit and run’, and can result in heavy fines and even imprisonment for its selfishness and disregard for others. The presence of a hit and run turns a motor vehicle accident into a crime scene, and means the person who failed to stop may not be eligible to claim insurance. 

What will compensation for a hit and run accident claim cover?

You have the legal right to claim for hit and run accident compensation, even if the driver who failed to stop has not been identified. 

Compensation for hit and run accidents will often cover:

  • Physical and psychological injuries
  • Loss of past or future earnings
  • Pain, suffering and loss of life enjoyment
  • Medical and rehab costs
  • Your dependents (like your spouse or children)
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