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If you have suffered physical injury as a result of a surgical error or surgeon negligence, our experienced and professional surgical injury lawyers can help you seek justice and claim compensation.

What is medical misdiagnosis and is it available to me in Queensland?

A medical misdiagnosis in Queensland occurs when a healthcare practitioner either diagnoses an illness or condition incorrectly or when they fail to diagnose the illness or condition at all. Medical misdiagnosis is dangerous as it can lead to wrong treatment or the absence of treatment.

Medical misdiagnosis claims Queensland can be made by anyone in the state, against healthcare providers that fail to provide their duty of care when examining, diagnosing, treating and advising you. If this is the case, they may be liable for the harm they have caused you.

The most common types of medical misdiagnosis claims can include:

  • Delayed diagnosis of medical conditions (such as ovarian cancer, breast cancer, or illnesses usually detected through a diagnostic test)
  • Cancer misdiagnosis (including bowel cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer or pancreatic cancer)
  • Misdiagnosis that make an existing condition worse
  • Failure to provide the appropriate treatment
  • Failure to perform surgery or the appropriate post-operative care
  • Incorrectly translating test results
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