Dental Claims Queensland

If you’ve had a dental treatment go wrong and it’s caused you injury or financial strain, our dental malpractice lawyers can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

What is dental treatment negligence?

Dental negligence involves an existing dental condition being worsened by the incompetence of a dental professional performing treatment on you. It can also sometimes involve your life being endangered with inappropriate advice for your condition. Those who provide you with dental treatment have a duty of care towards you, and if this duty of care has been breached, you should speak to a dental negligence lawyer.

What kinds of errors can I claim dental negligence for?

Examples of errors that can be claimed for may include:

  • Surgical errors
  • Damage caused to existing healthy teeth
  • Loss or ruin of implants or crowns
  • Incorrect tooth removal
  • Failure to investigate symptoms
  • Illnesses and infections caused by incompetence
  • Failure to adequately diagnose and treat
  • Failure to sufficiently check and monitor condition (often leading to problems like pressure sores, malnutrition or dehydration)
  • Incorrect treatment or medication being prescribed
  • Incorrect reading of x-rays
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