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Have you suffered from a serious work-related incident? You could be entitled to compensation.

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If you’ve had an accident while working or if your health and wellbeing have been affected in the workplace, you may be eligible to make a claim for workers’ compensation. This applies to workers who have sustained injuries during the course of performing their job and may include any pre-existing injuries, illnesses or diseases that have been aggravated by the workplace.

Having an expert legal team by your side will ensure you receive all the necessary information you require to get your health and financial situation back on track after suffering from this circumstance that was likely out of your control.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in QLD?

Claiming workers’ compensation can be a complicated, involved and often an overwhelming process – and that’s why LHD Lawyers are committed to supporting you through it.

Queensland workers’ compensation involves you submitting a claim to WorkCover Queensland, or in the event your employer is self-insured, the self-insured unit of your employer who will assess your claim. Workcover Queensland or the self-insured unit is the provider of insurance for workplace injuries and covers employees for:

  • weekly compensation (to cover their lost wages)
  • medical expenses and medicines
  • rehabilitation treatment
  • travel expenses
  • death benefits and funeral expenses

They will speak to your employer to obtain additional information, and a decision on the claim will be made up to 20 business days from the initial lodgment. If the outcome of the claim is positive, you’ll start to receive weekly compensation and/or cover your expenses resulting from the injury you sustained depending on the nature of your claim.

However, accessing these entitlements after being injured at work isn’t always straightforward.

Who Can Claim Workplace Compensation?
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How To Make A Workers Compensation Claim?
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