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This page is written specifically for a Queensland audience. Restrictions in these states prohibit us from showing certain information regarding our legal services, so if you are located outside Queensland, please click here for information on workplace accidents.

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If you've had an accident while working or if your health and wellbeing have been affected in the workplace, you may be eligible to make a claim for workers' compensation. This applies to workers who have sustained injuries during the course of performing their job and may include any pre-existing injuries, illnesses or diseases that have been aggravated by the workplace.

Having an expert legal team by your side will ensure you receive all the necessary information you require to get your health and financial situation back on track after suffering from this circumstance that was likely out of your control.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work in QLD?

Claiming workers’ compensation can be a complicated, involved and often an overwhelming process - and that’s why LHD Lawyers are committed to supporting you through it.

Queensland workers’ compensation involves you submitting a claim to WorkCover Queensland, or in the event your employer is self-insured, the self-insured unit of your employer who will assess your claim. Workcover Queensland or the self-insured unit is the provider of insurance for workplace injuries and covers employees for:

      • weekly compensation (to cover their lost wages)
      • medical expenses and medicines
      • rehabilitation treatment
      • travel expenses
      • death benefits and funeral expenses

They will speak to your employer to obtain additional information, and a decision on the claim will be made up to 20 business days from the initial lodgment. If the outcome of the claim is positive, you’ll start to receive weekly compensation and/or cover your expenses resulting from the injury you sustained depending on the nature of your claim.

However, accessing these entitlements after being injured at work isn’t always straightforward.

Who Can Claim Workplace Compensation?

Knowing if you have the right to claim workers’ compensation can be difficult. LHD Lawyers are able to help you with understanding the process, your rights and if you have a justified claim.

You’ll need to inform your employer as soon as possible after you have an accident at your workplace. There are strict time limits that apply to these kinds of claims, and a professional lawyer will be able to help you navigate through the deadlines.

If you’re a full-time employee (current or previous), part-time employee, temporary employee, you have the right to claim compensation for injuries you’ve suffered as a result of your work.

Here at LHD Lawyers, we are experienced lawyers in workers compensation claims, and will be able to assess your circumstances and tell you whether you have a justified claim. We’ll review your case and inform you of your options and the process.

What Types of Injuries Can I Claim For?

WorkCover covers many different kinds of injuries that can occur in the workplace, including:

        • Anything that stops you from performing your daily work duties
        • Anything that prevents you from working (whether it’s full-time, part-time or casually)
        • Illness or disease that’s been brought on or made worse by working conditions
        • Disorders of the mind and diseases causing degeneration that have resulted from a specific working environment

How To Make A Workers Compensation Claim?

To make a Queensland workers’ compensation claim, you will need to:

        • Report your injury to your employer, immediately or as soon as practically possible of becoming aware of it
        • Complete a workers’ compensation claim form immediately or as soon as practically possible of becoming aware of it, but no later than 6 months from the accident
        • Obtain a workers’ compensation medical certificate
        • Keep copies of the claim form and medical certificate, while giving the originals to your employer as soon as possible
        • Ask your employer to sign and date the forms of the day you provide them to them
        • Lodge a copy of the claim form with WorkCover Queensland

Our experienced and trustworthy workers’ compensation lawyers in Brisbane can give you more information about the claim process.

What Is the Process Of A Workers Compensation Claim?

Once a workers’ compensation claim has been made, a WorkCover claims representative will determine the claim and contact both the worker and the employer. WorkCover will gather information from the worker, employer, doctors and other people, such as witnesses to the event or independent medical examiners, to help them make their decision.

A decision will be made on most claims within 20 business days of the lodgment, however the worker will be notified both verbally and in writing if a decision has not been made. If the claim is accepted, the worker will start to receive weekly compensation payments. If the claim is not accepted, a claims representative will send a letter explaining why the claim has been rejected.

When Can You Claim Workers Compensation?

WorkCover covers reasonable expenses including medical, personal, occupational and rehabilitation expenses (as well as other incurred costs). WorkCover can cover part-time workers, casual workers and (in some circumstances) subcontractors. When deciding whether a physical claim is warranted, the insurer will apply criteria from the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003, including considering whether:

          • the claim was made within the time limits
          • the person was employed at the time of the injury by the employer
          • the person is considered to be a worker
          • the injury was caused by a work-related event, and
          • the person was injured out of, or in the course of, employment, if the employment is a significant contributing factor to the injury.

Time is of the essence when making a workers compensation’ claim, so you’ll need to lodge your claim as soon as possible of becoming aware of your injury. LHD Lawyers are experienced and reliable in this field and can support you in the WorkCover claim process to ensure you receive the appropriate compensation you’re entitled to.

What Compensation Am I Entitled To?

In Queensland workers have the right to sue their employer for compensation in the event they can prove negligence against their employer. This is called a Common Claim. How much compensation you’re entitled to will depend on your unique circumstances. There are steps that have to be met before being able to proceed with a Common Law Claim. Our expert team can assess every aspect of your case, and will then be able to provide you with advice about the kind of entitlements or compensation you could be expecting.

Generally, you can claim compensation for:

            • Pain and hardship caused by the injury
            • Your expenses for medical care and rehabilitation
            • Your income loss
            • Your loss of the ability to earn
            • Future medical expenses
            • Paid care (only in certain circumstances)

How Long Will it Take to Receive Compensation?

How long it takes for you to receive compensation depends on the simplicity or complexity of your case, and whether the court finds an easier or more difficult resolution. When you have your first consultation with us, we’ll be able to assess your circumstances and give you a clearer idea of when you’ll be able to receive your compensation.

How Much Will I Have to Pay?

At LHD, we’re of the belief that every Australian should have access to legal care when it comes to workers’ compensation, no matter what their financial situation is. Every single one of our claims is backed by our No Win No Fee policy, meaning that you won’t pay us a cent until we are successful of obtaining compensation for you.

Contact us on 1800 455 725 to arrange a free consultation if you’ve had an accident and believe you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

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