For twenty five years LHD Lawyers have supported thousands of Australians to receive the compensation and legal outcomes they deserve.

As expert public liability and compensation lawyers, the firm has helped thousands of Australians to settle compensation claims as a result of motor accidents, workers compensation, negligence and public liability issues. We also have a strong track record in running complex litigation and high profile class actions, and supporting businesses in settling complex commercial disputes.

Our impressive 99% win rate and free consultations, backed with a No Win / No Fee service for compensation law clients means we are the chosen law firm to assist people in their time of need.

We are also so much more – offering legal services that are required throughout a person’s lifetime, from offering employment law and contract dispute advice through to Will preparation and Powers of Attorney, and everything in between - buying and selling property, assisting on family law matters and providing criminal defence. No matter is too big or too small.

With offices spanning NSW and Queensland, our lawyers are often travelling and can be on the ground when you need us most. We also have international affiliations, with an office in the United States.

Here’s a bit more about us:

We win. We are client focused and aim to exceed our client’s expectations: our 99% win rate speaks for itself. We offer free consultation to help people understand what their possible course of action and entitlements could be, and we even back our compensation law clients with a No Win / No Fee offer.

We Care. About our clients, our communities and our people. Respect and compassion is at the forefront of the way we do business and work with one another. We are proud members of our local communities, supporting the communities in which we operate to grow and prosper too.

We Advocate. We see ourselves as client advocates first, and lawyers second. With over 25 years of experience as a firm, and hundreds of years of experience collectively, we know the most effective course of action for our client to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

We Respond. Our goal is to ensure that those with a genuine claim are duly compensated in a timely manner. We don’t want clients to suffer long, drawn out legal processes but effective courses of action to reach a successful outcome.

We Understand. We appreciate the serious impact that an incident can have on an individual's life. We understand how complicated the law can be and how difficult the claims process can seem so we work to streamline the process for you. We ensure clients are fully aware of their entitlements, and know what is happening at each stage their matter.

We Innovate. We know that technology can make the law more efficient and cost effective for our clients. That is why LHD Lawyers are one of the first law firms to build a proprietary Smart Phone App, - Case Tracker – to hold all relevant case information in one spot, for clients to access at their fingertips. Our Process Plus document management system is equally efficient, able to process your claims quickly, removing the drawn out process that competitors struggle with.

We are Connected. In addition to legal services, we have a range of social and medical providers who can assist with ensuring our clients receive a holistic approach to compensation and rehabilitation. We have access to the best Barristers to represent clients in court, and we also have reciprocal relationships with other boutique law firms to call upon if we require specialist advice.

We are on the ground. We are known for our ability to meet with clients when it matters. We are on ground when you need us most, supported by our offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Taree  and Port Macquarie. We also have international affiliations in the USA.

We are growing. Our team of solicitors and lawyers is growing, and so is our service offering. We aspire to be the best in every area we work in, and are using our success in compensation law and litigation to build a much larger business offering.