LHD Lawyers announce the incorporation of Carrolls Lawyers, effective 14th June 2016. Carrolls Lawyers, a boutique law firm based in the Sydney CBD, caters to business and private legal needs.

LHD Lawyers (incorporating Carrolls Lawyers) will create a strong synergy between the two law firms for the benefit of existing and future clients bringing Carrolls’ capabilities in Employment law, Business & Corporate law, Property & Finance law, Estate planning, Estate litigation and Probate to the existing suite of Insurance and Aviation law services provided by LHD.

LHD Acquire Carrolls

Matthew Berenger, Managing Director, LHD and Michael Carroll, Principal, Carrolls Lawyers, believe the merging of the two firms will bring greater client confidence in the provision of legal and business services and solutions.

LHD (incorporating Carrolls Lawyers) now offer tailored advice in Employment law, working to anticipate, address and resolve workplace disputes and to ensure both Employers and Employees understand their rights and obligations and comply with the ever-changing relevant legislation.

Business and Corporate law clients can expect clear, concise and strategic advice on the realities of operating a business and a “partnership” that ensures strategic objectives can be achieved through the provision of innovative and commercially sound legal advice.

In this regard, pursuing and defending client’s commercial interests are a priority for LHD’s Commercial Law team. Working towards dispute resolution in a timely and cost efficient manner is at the forefront of LHD’s objectives.

LHD Lawyers understand the importance of hard earned assets and investments. LHD can assist clients with all areas of Property law, specifically the purchase and sale of both commercial and residential properties.

LHD can now also provide clients with advice and assistance in relation to Will preparation, Will disputes, Probate, Powers of attorney, Appointment of enduring guardians, Advanced Health Care Directives, Estate planning and Estate litigation. These are the areas of law which can leave loved ones vulnerable if they are not addressed properly.

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Posted on September 13, 2017

LHD have continued to pursue the QF32 class action in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

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