Dog Bite Claims Queensland

If you’ve been attacked by a dog and have suffered injury as a result, we can help you receive compensation under public liability law. Contact us today to discuss your case.

What to do if you’ve been attacked or bitten by a dog

Being attacked by a dog can be an extremely distressing incident, and you may be experiencing feelings of trauma or suffering from injuries after the event. After you’ve received the medical attention you need, you might want to consider pursuing a public liability claim, so you can receive compensation to cover your costs incurred as a result of the dog bite.

Whether you’ve been attacked by your own dog, a dog walking on the street or a dog that was running loose and not contained properly, there are many factors that will impact your eligibility to claim compensation for the dog bite incident. Speaking to a dog bite lawyer will ensure that you can quickly and easily understand your rights and what you might be entitled to.

What you can claim for if you’ve been attacked by a dog

The long-term consequences of suffering from a dog bite incident can be extremely broad-ranging and severe. Some examples of things you might be able to claim for if you’ve been the victim of a dog bite attack include:

  • Medical expenses, including rehabilitation and hospital costs
  • Financial loss or loss of earnings
  • Pain and suffering (either physical or psychological)
  • Home nursing (either by a professional nurse or family member) if it meets certain criteria)
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