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What do you do if you witness a car accident?

By LHD Lawyers

Car accidents are extremely traumatic. However, knowing what actions to take as a witness can make you a valuable and even a life-saving asset to everyone involved.

Review the six steps below to learn more about how you can safely provide assistance to those involved in a vehicle accident.

Step 1. Safely remain at the scene of the car accident

First and foremost, take immediate steps to ensure your own safety. This means finding a safe place on the side of the road to pull your car, turning off your engine, and putting your hazard lights on. Try to park at least 30 metres from the accident site to help you avoid broken glass, active fires, or spilled fuels on the road.

Step 2. Report the car crash to emergency services

Call 000 unless other witnesses have confirmed a call has already been placed. When reporting the accident to the 000 operators, provide as exact a location as possible. In the case of a hit and run, try to provide the make and model of the car, its number plate, and the direction it was heading.

Step 3. Check on the car crash victims

If you have assessed it is safe to approach the crash site, check on the health of the people involved in the accident, and provide what assistance you can. Be careful about moving them in case doing this has the potential to make their injuries worse. If there is an active fire or other high-risk danger, wait for emergency services.

Step 4. Exchange your details with the victims

Once everyone is safe, provide the victims with your full name and contact details in case you need to be contacted about giving a statement.

As a witness to a car accident, you play an important role. Your statement could be crucial evidence for the victim’s not-at-fault insurance claim or even assist with a compensation claim if they were injured.

Step 5. Write down what you remember

Record what you witnessed as soon after the accident as possible. The police may be in contact to gain more views on what happened, and being able to provide detailed notes or even just bullet points while events are still fresh in your mind will be of great value in any potential legal proceedings.

Step 6. Give an accurate and truthful statement

During the accident investigation process, you could be contacted by the victim’s insurance company or the police to give an official statement. Referring back to your notes will help ensure your account is as factual as possible.

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Author: Phillip Scroupe

Original Publish Date: April 7, 2022

Last Updated: April 5, 2024

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