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Why was my TPD claim rejected?

By LHD Lawyers

Suffering a total and permanent disability (TPD) can be life changing. It can mean you no longer have the capacity to work and make a living and cause a drastic change in your standard of life. This is why it is so important that superannuation funds all include TPD insurance in their policies. What do you do however, if you have your TPD claim rejected? A claim for disability pension can mean the difference between a comfortable life and a life that is very different to the one you knew. The first step if you have your disability support pension rejected or income protection claim rejected is to look at the reasons why.

Some of the most common reasons you may have your TPD claim rejected include:

You don’t meet the TPD requirements

Each TPD policy is different and this includes the definition of TPD encompassed in the policy as well as what you’re covered for. If your disability, doesn’t meet the definition of a TPD injury in your policy you may have your TPD claim rejected. If your claim for disability pension has been denied or your income protection claim rejected it is best to speak to a TPD expert to see if there is the possibility of meeting the requirements in a different way

Your policy is no longer active

You may have your income protection claim rejected or TPD claim rejected if your policy is no longer active or it has sat untouched or unused for a period of time and has lapsed. There is little recourse if that has happened.

Your age affects your claim

A common reason you may have a TPD claim rejected is that your age disqualifies you. A lot of policies require you to be under 65 years of age to be covered. So even if your policy was up to date and you meet all the requirements of a TPD injury, if you were over the age of 65 at the time you stopped work due to your illness or injury you may have your claim for disability pension, income protection claim rejected or TPD claim rejected.

You don’t meet the work history requirements

One of the requirements for many TPD policies is that you worked for your employer for a set period of time before you made your TPD claim, your claim for disability pension or TPD claim may be rejected if you don’t meet the work history requirements. Experienced disability pension lawyers will be able to take you through these requirements and see if there is anything that can be done if you’ve had your TPD claim rejected.

Your claim was lodged too late

This is a common reason to have your TPD claim rejected. Most policies have time limits in which you need to lodge your TPD claim. If you have lodged yours too late, speaking to a disability pension lawyers can be helpful, as they will have the resources to potentially argue that unforeseen circumstances slowed your lodgement. 

Your claim has been disputed

As it is expensive for insurance companies to pay out TPD claims they will work hard to find evidence to counter your claim for disability pension or TPD. Insurance companies can go so far as to have you followed by private investigators in an attempt to have your TPD claim rejected. Unfortunately, some TPD claims like those for mental illnesses are hard to prove and this type of treatment can be distressing. In the case that your claim is being disputed, having a TPD claims lawyer on your side can help you work through your claim and hopefully receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

Understanding the reason for having your TPD claim rejected is the first step to remedying the situation, from here you have a range of avenues you can explore. From contacting experienced TPD claim and disability pension lawyers who can help you to submit a complaint to your insurer or the internal dispute resolution service of your superannuation provider, to complaining to the Financial Ombudsman, even if you have had your TPD claim rejected, there is still hope. At LHD Lawyers, we understand the difference a successful TPD claim can make to your life and want to help you every step of the way.

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