Total & Permanent Disability

How TPD affects us all and why you should care

By LHD Lawyers

Dealing with a permanent disability isn’t something many of us think about until we are faced with it. Sustaining a permanent disability is heartbreaking for you and your family members and can put a huge amount of strain on your financial situation. This is even harder if you are no longer able to work due to your injuries.

If you have had to stop working due to injury or illness then you may be able to claim Total and Permanent Disability.

So, What is Total and Permanent Disability?

Total and Permanent Disability claims, also known as TPD, is a financial benefit for those who can no longer work due to a mental or physical disability. This can also include ill health caused by illnesses such as cancer, stroke or heart attack. These payment benefits are usually based around the ability to perform everyday activities such as feeding yourself, walking, showering and dressing.

Often families can be hit hard by an accident that results in disability, especially if the person is the main breadwinner. Benefits can be used any way you like, however, are often used to pay any debts, any medical rehabilitation needed or to help pay for children’s schooling needs. Find out more in our guide to TPD payouts.

How are benefits paid?

These type of benefits are usually paid in a lump sum or through regular payments. Depending on your situation you may also gain access to your superannuation much earlier than you normally would be allowed. The amount that you can access generally depends on what type of insurance cover you have and how much you are insured for.

Along with TPD benefits, you can generally also still access any Centrelink or workers compensation payments. The best thing to do is check what benefits you are entitled to. A legal professional will be able to give you all the information you need as well as a full run down of any other important factors you need to consider.

How can I prove I am eligible for Total and Permanent Disability?

Any claims for Total and Permanent Disability need to be supported by medical evaluation which confirms you meet a specific set of strict criteria. All aspects of your work life will need to be evaluated to ensure that you can no longer continue with your current job or any previous jobs you have had.

This process can be extremely confusing and hard to understand, therefore it is imperative that you seek legal help. Insurance companies can often decide that you are not eligible for TPD even though you have rights that are enforceable under your insurance policy. This is where a Total and Permanent Disability legal expert will be able to help. They can guide you and help to ensure you receive the maximum amount of entitlements that you deserve.

Why should you care?

It may seem like a topic that you don’t need to worry about but unfortunately for many, accidents do happen and you may find yourself or a family member needing TPD benefits. Financial strain doesn’t need to be a burden during an already stressful and emotional time.

Make sure you are aware of your insurance policy and what you are entitled to. Knowing your rights before you are ever faced with a bad situation will ensure you are aware of all the benefits you can receive. These kind of situations often affect the whole family and cause unneeded pressure and stress. Prepare yourself in advance so you are armed with all the knowledge you need.

If you would like to know more about TPD or would like to know if you are entitled to any benefits then LHD Lawyers can help. Our experts show compassion and sensitivity during tough times and are dedicated to helping our clients receive the compensation they are entitled to.

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