Sally-Ann’s Story

By LHD Lawyers

About Sally-Ann’s claim

Throughout her life, Sally-Ann had been a performer but when she saw a doctor about an issue she was having with her knee, it was recommended she had a knee replacement. For years she suffered pain as a result and after seeing a radiographer who confirmed the operation had been done wrong. Sally-Ann didn’t think she could afford representation but contacted LHD who were able able to help her on a no win no fee basis.

LHD Lawyers were able to prove that the professor who was meant to carry out the operation wasn’t even there that day and win Sally-Ann’s case. With the money from the settlement, Sally-Ann was able to modify the house and get a new car, making it easier to get around and get her life back on track.

When LHD told me that I had a case, I felt like there was a chance I could get my life back on track again. LHD were terrific. With the money from the settlement, we were able to remodel the house so that it’s wheelchair friendly. It has changed my life, I have my life back

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