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Buying or leasing a commercial property is one of the biggest decisions a business owner has to make. Without making the right decisions this can have a huge impact on the success of your business.

LHD Lawyers are able to assist you with your next commercial property transaction, whether you are buying or selling land, commercial premises, a retail shop, office, industrial lot, a farm, restaurant, cafe, hotel or subdivision. Our commercial services include carefully tailored legal advice specific to your needs.

We are also experienced and able to assist with leasing which includes the preparation or review of commercial, retail and industrial leases.

When it comes to buying or selling a commercial property it is very similar to buying or selling any other type of property. However, there are a few additional things you need to think about. By having proper advice, this will help ensure that you fully aware of the following:

  • Any GST implications
  • Any Council or legislative restrictions that are in place in regards to the use of the premises.
  • Whether the property is subject to a lease

Leasing a Commercial Property

Leasing a commercial property or being the tenant of a leased property can be very exciting. However, it is important to understand that both parties have certain legal obligations that they must adhere too. Without the proper legal guidance, you or your tenant may be in breach of these obligations.

  • Business or commercial leases refer to any lease that is not a retail lease. Commercial leases work differently to a normal residential lease with all documentation usually being prepared by a lawyer or solicitor. These documents contain significant obligations that the tenant must adhere to when occupying the premises.
  • A rental lease refers to any business that works in the retail field. This includes any business that is run out of a shopping centre or a cafe or restaurant. The legislation which governs these retail locations imposes strict legal obligations on tenants and the lessor which must be adhered to.

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