For many people, the thought of engaging a compensation lawyer to handle their claim is just out of the question. The fear of not being able to pay legal fees can be extremely daunting if your financial situation doesn’t allow for big spend items.

The team at LHD Lawyers strongly believe that all Australians should have access to legal representation in times of need, regardless of their financial situation. Our No Win No Fee policy allows our expert team to provide superior advice to anyone who needs it.

What is ‘No Win – No Fee’?

As per its title, a no win, no fee case in one in which your lawyer will not charge legal fees if your case is not successful. Also called “contingent-costs agreements”, this basically means that payment is contingent upon you winning your case.

How does the ‘No Win No Fee’ policy work?

It’s quite simple; if you do not win your case, you do not need to pay any legal costs for services provided. This cements the fact that we strongly believe our compensation lawyers will win your case. If you do win your compensation claim, our service fees usually come out of your compensation entitlements, this way you do not need to pay any expenses upfront.

At the time of your initial consultation, you will be told in more detail of any fees and charges on completion of your case. In some cases, you may need to pay some fees up front.

What claims are covered by our ‘No Win No Fee’ policy?

Our No Win No Fee Policy only applies to compensation and personal injury claims such as:

In non-compensation related cases, the LHD Lawyers No Win No Fee option does not apply.

Can anyone apply for the ‘No Win No Fee’ policy? 

The No Win No Fee policy is offered on a case by case basis. Before we accept any case, we need to ensure that

  • Your compensation claim is legitimate
  • You are completely aware of any additional costs that may arise during your claim

  • You are aware that you run the risk of having to pay the other party’s claim costs if your claim is unsuccessful

How are my legal fees calculated? 

How your legal fees are determined will be outlined in the Conditional Cost Agreement (CCA) between you and your lawyer. Most legal practitioners will charge an hourly rate, however, some firms may charge a lump sum for the entire case.

What do I pay if I win or lose?

If your claim is unsuccessful, you will not need to pay any legal fees. However, make sure to check your agreement to see if you are required to pay “outlay fees”. These will include things like:

  • The cost of obtaining medical records

  • The cost of obtaining police records

  • Any court fees

  • Any interpreter or expert fees

  • You will also be required to pay for the legal costs of the defendant.

If your claim is successful, you will be responsible for paying the legal fees, outlay fees, disbursement costs and other basic costs. You may also be required to be a “success fee” which is a percentage on top of your final amount owing.

What Makes LHD Lawyers Different?

At LHD Lawyers, we are passionate about what we do, giving a voice to ‘the little guy’. Our dedication to helping people who have been wronged means we don’t work for the money; we work to get you the best result possible and the compensation you deserve. The No Win No Fee Policy is proof that we know what we are doing and that we have the compensation experts available to get the job done right.