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The Loss of Malaysian Airlines MH17 – Legal Assistance Available

By LHD Lawyers

Have you, or has someone you know, been affected by the MH 17 Malaysian Airlines disaster when the plane was shot down over the Ukraine on 17 July 2014?

LHD Lawyers working with their U.S. Aviation Attorney and Co-Associate, Jerry Skinner, are ready to provide legal assistance where required to the families of those lost on MH 17.

Following so closely on the disappearance of MH 370 in March 2014, the loss of MH 17 places into question Malaysian Airline’s decision to operate over the Ukrainian conflict zone.

It is the opinion of Jerry Skinner (and LHD agrees) that Malaysian Airlines should be excluded from any international investigation of the MH 17 loss. We contend that the exclusion of Malaysian Airlines is justified by the fact that the company did not take into account significant warnings regarding the safety of flights over a combat zone. Warnings included the fact that a number of Ukrainian military aircraft, including at least one cargo aircraft had been brought down by surface to air missiles in the conflict zone in the days prior to the loss of MH 17. In contrast to Malaysian Airlines, a number of other commercial carriers, including Qantas, have directed flights around the Ukraine conflict zone for some weeks.

Jerry Skinner’s opinion is based on his 35 years experience as an aviation lawyer acting on behalf the families of persons lost in aviation incidents including the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988. After international litigation spanning 15 years, Jerry was part of the negotiating team that resolved the claim against the Libyan Government for $2.7 billion US dollars.

Jerry has also litigated on behalf of families of victims in many other aviation tragedies including; Northwest Airlines Flight 255 in 1987, Arrow Air DC-8 in 1988, United Airlines Flight 232 in 1989, USAir Flight 405 in 1992, USAir Flight 427 in 1994, TWA Flight 800 in 1996, USAF CT-43 in 1996, Comair Flight 3272 in 1997, Swiss Air Flight 111 in 1998 and Egypt Air Flight 990 in 1999.

Michael Hyland at LHD Lawyers whom has over 20 years of experience as a plaintiff lawyer has developed expertise in acting for both Australian and overseas victims of aviation accidents. Michael has litigated upon the behalf of crew members of Qantas Flight 72 in 2008. Michael is currently litigating a NSW Supreme Court Class Action upon the behalf of a number of crew and passengers from Qantas Flight 32, an accident occurring on 4 November 2010.

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