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QF32 Class Action Damages Claim – 2014 Update

By LHD Lawyers

The Class Action claim being litigated by LHD Lawyers in respect to the QF32 incident which occurred on 4 November 2010, continues to progress in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

In the interim period since our initial blog on the litigation, under Court orders we were required to attempt to locate all persons whom were travelling on QF32 from Singapore to Sydney. This was a difficult exercise due to the fact that many passengers both from Australia and overseas had booked a ticket on QF32 via a travel agent.

As a result, an address for those persons was not available on the QF32 passenger manifest which we recovered under subpoena. Ultimately, we were successful in locating all persons travelling on QF32 with the exception of three passengers.

In compliance with further Court Orders, we have recently forwarded an Opt out Notice to all located QF32 passengers and crew. Any person whom wishes to “opt out” of the class must complete and return the Opt out Notice to the Supreme Court of NSW by on or before 15 August 2014.

Copies of the Statement of Claim filed to commence the Class Action and the Defence filed by Rolls Royce PLC are available below.

If you were a QF32 passenger or crew member and you require further advice, please contact LHD Lawyers on 1800 838 481 or email

Download QF32 Statement Of Claim

Download Rolls Royce PLC Defence Statement

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