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Melbourne to Hong Kong: Compensation For Passengers On Flight QF29

By LHD Lawyers

Aviation authorities are investigating a serious aviation incident which occurred on Qantas flight QF 29 operating between Melbourne and Hong Kong on 7 April 2017. The aircraft operating as QF 29 was a Boeing 747.

Approximately 100 kilometres from landing into Hong Kong, a “stick shaker” warning event occurred. A “stick shaker” warning causes the control stick of an aircraft to vibrate, warning the pilot of an imminent stall.

Causes of activation of a “stick shaker” warning can include wake turbulence generated by another aircraft, environmental factors such as clear air turbulence or an electrical storm or a malfunction issue with automatic pilot software.

The cause of the QF 29 “stick shaker” warning event is the subject of an Australian Transport Safety Bureau investigation.

The QF 29 pilots were able to regain control of the aircraft by switching off the autopilot and manually manoeuvring the aircraft in response to the warning. Thereafter, QF29 landed safely in Hong Kong.

Contemporaneous with the “stick shaker” warning, any passenger and crew members who were not seated with seat belts fastened faced risk of significant injury due to the gravitational forces exerted on the aircraft. At least 15 passengers and four crew members were injured.

Any QF 29 passenger who suffered bodily injury may be entitled to claim compensation.

LHD Lawyers who are experts in aviation compensation are currently acting in several high profile aviation cases including Qantas Flight QF 72, Qantas Flight QF 32, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 and Germanwings Flight 9525.

LHD Senior Associate Michael Hyland notes that “in my experience acting for passengers who have been involved in a significant aviation incident, the initial reaction of the passenger is one of overwhelming relief that they have survived. It is not unusual for passengers to not appreciate until quite some time after the incident that they have suffered psychological injury and they then erroneously think it is too late to seek treatment. My advice to any QF29 passenger who was badly shaken by the incident is that they should consider consulting with their GP to determine what treatment may be beneficial.”

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