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Air Canada Flight AC33

By LHD Lawyers

Early media reports indicate that nine persons suffered serious injuries on an Air Canada flight AC33 operating from Vancouver to Sydney.

About Air Canada flight AC 33

Shortly prior to midnight on 11 July 2019, Air Canada flight 33 (“AC33”) departed from Vancouver for Sydney. The aircraft operating as AC33 was a Boeing 777 – 200. On board were 269 passengers and 15 crew. Anticipated flying time from Vancouver to Sydney was approximately 15 ½ hours.

Approximately 5 ½ hours after departing from Vancouver AC33 struck severe turbulence, causing the aircraft to drop without warning.

Passengers and crew who were not wearing seat belts were thrown up into the cabin ceiling with the force of the impact causing many to suffer injury.

As a result of the turbulence incident, AC 33 diverted to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Media have reported the numbers of persons injured as being 37. Nine of the injured persons required hospitalisation in Hawaii.

The liability of Air Canada in respect to bodily injuries suffered by some passengers on AC33 is governed by the provisions of an international convention, the Montréal Convention 1999. Both Australia and Canada are signatories to the convention. The convention establishes the liability of an airline in the case of death or injury to passengers.

Were you on Air Canada Flight AC33?

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