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Air Canada Flight 33 – Update

By LHD Lawyers

The in-flight severe turbulence incident which occurred on Air Canada flight 33 on 11 July 2019 is the subject of an investigation being conducted by the Canadian Transportation Safety Bureau.

Having had the benefit of receiving instructions from a number of passengers injured on Air Canada flight 33 it is evident to us that the severity of injuries suffered by some passengers has been under-reported by the media and furthermore, at the time of the in-flight turbulence incident, gravitational forces impacting on passengers were extreme. As a result, unrestrained passengers were projected upwards from their seats, impacting with the aircraft cabin ceiling at significant velocity.

The severity of injuries suffered by some passengers cannot be understated. We are aware of one passenger who suffered multiple fractures to their cervical spine, requiring the passenger to undertake spinal fusion surgery. We are also aware of a second passenger who is having ongoing radiology investigations in respect to suspected brain damage.

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