Compensation Law

For twenty-five years LHD Lawyers have supported thousands of Australians to receive the compensation and legal outcomes they deserve. All compensation law cases are charged on a No Win No Fee basis - which means you only have to pay legal fees if we win the case.

Superannuation Law

LHD Lawyers has specialists who will investigate your entitlements for Superannuation and Insurance claims including total and permanent disability, travel impairment, income protection and death benefits. 

Commercial Law

From advising on commercial leases and the insurance policies for employees, through to advocating a client’s interests during an intense commercial dispute; LHD Lawyers partners with commercial clients to ensure their rights are protected and the future of their business remains secure.

General Law

LHD Lawyers provide clients with a range of general law services required throughout a person’s lifetime, from offering insurance and contract dispute advice through to Will preparation and Powers of Attorney, and everything in between.

Estate Law

LHD Lawyers can provide experienced legal advice and representation on a number of areas concerning when you, or a loved one departs. Our contesting a will cases work on a No Win No Fee basis - which means you only have to pay legal fees if we win your case.

Partnership. Strength. Expertise.

We support individuals, corporations and communities in their time of need.

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Experts in personal injury, compensation, litigation and commercial law.

LHD Lawyers is a leading Australian law firm providing quality legal services to individuals, businesses and communities for over twenty-five years.

The firm has helped thousands of Australians to settle compensation claims as a result of motor accidents, workers compensation, negligence and public liability issues. It also has a strong track record in running complex and high profile class actions and supporting businesses in settling complex commercial disputes.

LHD Lawyers also offer a range of general legal services that are required throughout a person’s lifetime; from employment law and contract dispute advice through to Will preparation and Powers of Attorney, and everything in between - buying and selling property, family law matters and criminal defence.

The firm is an employer of choice and many LHD lawyers and solicitors are accredited specialists in their fields of law. Client matters are regularly represented in Compensation Commission through to District and Supreme Courts and the High Court of Australia.

LHD Lawyers offices are located in Sydney, Brisbane, TareePort Macquarie, Tamworth and Coffs Harbour. The firm also has international affiliations in the United States.

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Aviation Law Compensation

Aviation Law

Have you or a family member suffered in an aviation incident?

Visit our Aviation Law page

Comcare Claims

Comcare Claims

Are you an employee of a federal company with a claim?

Visit our Comcare Claims page

Motor Accident Claims

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Have you been involved in a negligent motor incident?

Visit our Motor Accident Claims page

Negligence Claims

Negligence Claims

Have you been involved in a negligent incident and suffered as a result?

Visit our Negligence Claims page
Public Liability Claims

Public Liability

Have you been involved in an incident on someone else's property?

Visit our Public Liability page

Travel Accident Claims

Travel Accidents

Have you been involved in a travel accident and suffered as a result?

Visit our Travel Accidents page

Workplace Accident Claims

Workplace Accidents

Have you been involved in a work related incident and are seeking compensation?

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Criminal Law Cases

Criminal Law

Do you have a criminal law enquiry?

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Employment Law

Employment Law

Do you have an employment law claim?

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Estate Law Contesting A Will

Estate Law

Do you have an estate law matter?

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Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Do you have an insurance law claim?

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Property Law NSW

Property Law

Do you have a property law claim?

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Family Law

Family Law

Do you have a family law matter?

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TPD Claims

Total & Permanent Disability

Have you suffered from a total and permanent disability?

Visit our Total & Permanent Disability Page

Income Protection

Income Protection

Do you have a matter regarding income protection?

Visit our Income Protection Page

Death Benefits Compensation

Death Benefits

Do you have an enquiry regarding death benefits?

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Public Transportation Accidents

Travel Impairment

Have you been involved in a travel accident?

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Commercial Property & Leasing

Commercial Property & Leasing

Do you have a commercial property & leasing matter?

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Corporate Crime

Corporate Crime

do you have a matter involving corporate crime?

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Insurance Law

Insurance Law

Do you have an insurance law matter?

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Do you have a litigation & dispute resolution matter?

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Featured News

Important Workers Compensation Entitlement Changes

In 2012 the NSW Government introduced a number of changes that affect workers’ rights in NSW. Find out more about how those changes apply to your weekly compensation entitlements in 2017.

Passengers on Flight QF29 Melbourne to Hong Kong may be entitled to compensation

Australian authorities are investigating a serious aviation incident on QANTAS QF29 service between Melbourne and Hong Kong on April 7, 2017.

LHD Lawyers Open New Office in Perth, Western Australia

LHD Lawyers are pleased to announce our new office location in Perth, effective as of Friday, 14th September, 2016.


LHD Lawyers & The MH17 Case

LHD Lawyers have filed a compensation claim against Russia and President Vladimir Putin on behalf of the victims of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.

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Innovation comes naturally to us at LHD Lawyers. Unlike our competitors, we aren’t afraid of using technology and can see how it makes a difference to our clients. We have invested in new platforms to create faster results and more efficient processes so that our clients are in control of their matter and receive fewer fees than if they went to our competitors.

Our proprietary smart-phone App, ‘LHD Lawyers Case Tracker’ means that all relevant information to your case is at your finger tips. Case Tracker enables you to quickly and conveniently track your case, and sends push and email notifications to you when your case changes status.

LHD CaseTracker App

LHD Referenced in Cathay Pacific Perth/Hong Kong Flight Incident

"Senior associate [Michael Hyland] from a Sydney firm specialising in aviation law, has encouraged passengers [from the Cathay Pacific Flight] to seek specialist advice".


MH370 & MH17 Come Together ... in Powerful Numbers!

The picture for aviation victims is not getting any clearer with the recent announcements by Malaysian Airlines regarding MH370.