Criminal Defence Lawyers

We understand the importance of getting the right defence when charged with a criminal offence or under investigation.

Have you been charged with an offence, or are you under investigation?

LHD Lawyers have the best criminal law specialists ready to represent you. Our criminal defence lawyers can help you defend against any criminal charge including driving offences, drug, robbery or assault charges. Whether dismissing charges or reducing penalties we partner with the best barristers to get the best possible outcome whether it be in the Supreme, District or Local Courts.

LHD Lawyers represents clients in many different types of criminal cases. Typical criminal defence cases against an individual include:

  • Apprehended Violence Orders
  • Assault
  • Bail Applications
  • Coronial Inquests
  • Culpable Driving & Drink Driving
  • Drug Offences
  • Fraud
  • Malicious Prosecutions
  • Motor Traffic Offences
  • Parole Hearings
  • Robbery, Dishonesty, Theft Offences
  • Sexual Offences

LHD Lawyers will give you the best defence you deserve.

LHD Lawyers are experienced in criminal law. We have dedicated, highly experienced criminal defence lawyers ready to handle your matter in the Supreme, District or Local Courts and we only partner with the best barristers to represent you in Court.

Our technology ensures you can follow your case on your Smartphone app, allowing you to stay on top of your case and removing an additional burden from you during a stressful period in your life.

Our experienced team of expert lawyers can help you:

  • Know where to start, how to act and who to turn to for help. Providing fast acting, straight forward advice you can trust.
  • Respond appropriately as to protect your rights and interests.
  • Give the best defence you deserve, providing you the best possible outcome. The charge may be a very serious one and you should not act or say anything without understanding the consequences.
  • Thoroughly understand your charge and what the possible sanctions could be – such as prison bonds or fines that not only affect your work prospects but may stop you from travelling.
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