“Kayt opened and settled my work injury damages claim in four months.”

  • A worker’s compensation specialist
  • Experience spanning community, public and corporate sectors
  • Prior to joining LHD Lawyers was a Researcher to the New South Wales Court of Appeal, working for the Judges of Appeal.

I understand that the claims process can be quite confusing. The law can be difficult to understand, particularly within the constantly changing sphere of Workers Compensation legislation.

As a compensation lawyer, I aim to ensure that each of my clients is fully aware of his or her entitlements, and knows what is happening at each stage of his or her matter. I appreciate the serious impact that an incident can have on an individual's life, and always strive to reach a favourable resolution to each claim.

I have gained experience in the community legal sector, as well as the public sector. Prior to joining LHD Lawyers in 2013 I was employed as the Researcher to the New South Wales Court of Appeal, where I was fortunate enough to work for the Judges of Appeal.

I also have experience in criminal law, which I gained at the New South Wales Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

I am particularly passionate about successfully helping clients who face psychological injuries, as the relief that the settlement of a claim can bring to those affected by a psychological injury is particularly rewarding.

I have a strong interest in Philosophy, and am currently completing a PhD in Legal Philosophy/Applied Ethics. I believe my studies in Philosophy provide me with the ability to see matters from a variety of different perspectives, and allow me to come up with a number of different solutions to each particular legal problem.

I am a volunteer on-call solicitor for the Criminal Justice Support Network at the Intellectual Disability Rights Service. I take after hours calls from persons who are arrested and need legal advice.

Kayt’s secretary Alex Roger's contact details:
Ph: (02) 9263 3439
Email: ar@lhd.com.au

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