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The First Shot… Not the Last!

By LHD Lawyers

Written by Jerry Skinner Jerry Skinner, Special Counsel with LHD Lawyers

I am an American. But, I actually work in Australia. I travel anywhere there is work to be done, but again home base is LHD Lawyers in Sydney, not Sidney, Ohio, but Sydney NSW, AU. When I think of “First Shots” it’s Lexington and Concord that come to mind. No matter the location, I am still red, white and blue. But there is a new war, a war to add value to the lost lives of every passenger on board Malaysian Airline Flight 17 which was shot down over the Ukraine on July 17, 2014. 298 souls were lost that day and in keeping with the low value placed upon human life by many political and social factors operating in the world today, Malaysia Air wants the families to settle for $50,000 or less in some circumstances.

Now, I am a Plaintiff’s lawyer and despite some persons belief that my function has little value, I believe that what I do helps the families dignify the life they have lost and answer questions in circumstances that seem to have no meaning or dignity. I do all I can for my clients, even when there is little of true value that you can do. It is always too late to bring back the lost love that has been suffered.

So, on Friday LHD fired the first shot in the battle for dignity in the long conflict over the lost victims of MHA 17. A Summons was filed in the NSW Supreme Court asking for a clear and complete declaration of the damages which Australian Plaintiffs could recover for their lost loved ones. Malaysian Airlines and their representative have not been clear or complete. One year has passed and they still want to discuss Advance Compensation Payments.

If paying for travel costs and funerals is advanced after one year than Malaysia Airlines is severely developmentally delayed. The first shot is never the last, there are plenty more to come.

If you or a family member have been involved in an aviation incident and you believe you have a right to compensation, we may be able to help you claim it. Please get in touch with us today for a complimentary consultation.

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