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Scone News: Hendra Class Action

By LHD Lawyers

Hendra Class Action

RACHAEL Abbott, a stockperson who worked at the Caroona Feedlot in 2014, is the lead claimant in an action against the makers of the Hendra vaccine, Zoetis Australia and the law firm representing Ms Abbott predict there may be 500 or 800 claimants who will take part in the class action which has been lodged in the Federal court.

Update 31st May 2018: Amended Statement of Claim

In the statement of claim lodged in March by LHD Lawyers alleges the makers of the Equivac HeV vaccine (Hendra vaccine) breached the regulations granted under the ‘minor use permit’ and misled horse owners and veterinarians about the side effects of the drug.

John Rowe, the barrister representing Ms Abbott, said the vaccine was not thoroughly tested prior to broad use.

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