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Recent Proposed Ban on Textured Breast Implants Due to Elevated Cancer (BIA ALCL) Risk

The Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia (“TGA”) has proposed regulatory action including cancellation or suspension on the import and distribution of specific textured breast implants in Australia.

The regulatory action is similar to those imposed in Canada and Europe.

This follows reports that textured breast implants increase the likelihood or cause the development of Breast Implant Associated, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, or BIA ALCL. A list of the breast implant manufactures and textured implants can be accessed via the TGA website.

Though rare, there is a real concern that textured implants will lead to the development of BIA ALCL. There have been a number of cases already identified in Australia, some of which resulted in the deaths of the breast implant recipients.

The BIA ALCL is thought to be the result of breast tissue rubbing on the textured implant leading to a build-up of fluid and swelling.

BIA ALCL generally develops between 3 and 14 years following the implants and is most commonly associated with swelling and tenderness of the breasts. Less commonly women have developed lumps in the breast or armpit area.

Surgical removal of the implants can negate the risk of developing BIA ALCL though the TGA has advised that it is not necessary unless you are experiencing symptoms.

Members of the public are encouraged to seek a professional medical and legal opinion if they have implants on the list and are concerned.

We are encouraging anyone who currently has a textured breast implant to get in touch and register their details with us if they are concerned about the risks and would like more legal information and guidance in this matter. With an accurate diagnosis from a medical professional, we can support you further to make a claim. We invite you to contact us via the online form or call us directly on 1800 838 481 to discuss this important matter.

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