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2012-2013 Workers Compensation Changes: Legal Fees

By LHD Lawyers

The Workers Compensation Amendment Act 2012 was introduced and passed in Parliament in June 2012.

The changes were introduced, according to the state government, to reduce the workcover deficit which was unsustainable.

The changes that were introduced drastically changed the landscape of the workers compensation system and its impact on worker’s rights in New South Wales. This series of articles will seek to assist workers in understanding how these changes have impacted and what you should do to investigate your entitlements further.

It is important, more so now than before that workers know what they should do, what they are now entitled to, considering the limitations on rights and how to achieve the best outcome for their injury.

These articles will assist in your understanding of the changes to the legislation however it is important that you obtain the right advice and obtain that advice early.

Once major change involved the payment of the legal fees of a workers compensation case. Previously, all costs were payable by the insurer. Since the changes a new department called the Workcover Independent Review Office (WIRO) has been set up. WIRO will be discussed in the coming weeks however, one important function of WIRO is to determine whether a worker has a viable claim, where there is dispute and if so then to pay the legal fees associated with that case.

As a lawyer, however you must be registered with WIRO to be entitled to be paid those legal fees. All the lawyers at LHD Lawyers are WIRO approved lawyers and so in most cases where there is a dispute you will not be liable for your own legal fees.

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