Workers Compensation: How to report a work injury

Workers Compensation: How to report a work injury According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in the year 2017-18, 563,600 workers experienced a work-related injury or illness. These statistics identify that work-related injuries are prevalent in the Australian workforce. Injuries sustained at work can be life-changing and have a negative impact on your overall wellbeing, … Continued

$10.5 billion Monsanto Settlements in the US – Monsanto cancer Roundup case

German chemicals and pharmaceutical giant Bayer has recently reached a settlement agreement estimating a total of $10.5 billion USD for tens of thousands of claims that their weed killer product Roundup causes cancer.  Bayer acquired the Roundup manufacturer Monsanto in 2018 for a total of $68 billion USD, therefore inheriting the many claims made against … Continued

What is public liability law?

Public liability law is an area of the law of negligence where businesses, governments or owners of property owe a duty of care or responsibility to the general public who make use of their space.   Most businesses and organisations understand that sometimes things can go wrong and will often take out public liability insurance … Continued

Monsanto Class Action Filed

The highly anticipated class action against Monsanto Australia Pty Ltd was officially filed in the Federal Court by LHD Lawyers on 27 November 2019. The legal action has arisen following compelling scientific studies evidencing a link between exposure to Roundup, the most commonly used herbicide in the world, and the development of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Glyphosate … Continued

Air Canada Flight 33 – Update

The in-flight severe turbulence incident which occurred on Air Canada flight 33 on 11 July 2019 is the subject of an investigation being conducted by the Canadian Transportation Safety Bureau. Having had the benefit of receiving instructions from a number of passengers injured on Air Canada flight 33 it is evident to us that the … Continued

Hendra Class Action – Update

On 30 August 2019 Zoetis’ Application Seeking Leave to Appeal from the judgement handed down by Judge Lee on 4 April 2019 proceeded to hearing before a Full Bench of the Federal Court. The Full Bench was constituted by Chief Justice Allsop, Justice Perram and Justice Beach. In the 4 April 2019 Judgement, Judge Lee … Continued

MH 17 Class Action Settlement

Following complex litigation, settlement had been reached in respect to the Federal Court MH17 class action. Group members in the class action were family members of a number of Australian citizen or resident passengers who were killed on board flight MH 17 on 17 July 2014. The settlement was subject to the approval of the … Continued

Air Canada Flight 33

Early media reports indicate that nine persons suffered serious injuries on an Air Canada flight operating from Vancouver to Sydney. Shortly prior to midnight on 11 July 2019, Air Canada flight 33 (“AC33”) departed from Vancouver for Sydney. The aircraft operating as AC33 was a Boeing 777 – 200. On board were 269 passengers and … Continued

Hendra Vaccine Class Action

Hendra Vaccine Class Action Update There have been recent positive developments in Federal Court class action damages claim against Zoetis Australia Pty Limited (“Zoetis”). The developments include the dismissal of Zoetis’ security for costs application and the Court granting leave for filing of further amended pleadings. Zoetis security for costs application On 21 June 2018 … Continued

Monsanto Case Investigation

Have you or a friend or family member experienced adverse health effects after using the popular herbicide Roundup? Developed in the 1970s by Monsanto (now owned and operated by Bayer), Roundup is a systemic herbicide which was lauded as the cure to backyard weeds. Unfortunately, it appears that many people who have worked closely with … Continued