Case Tracker

Great lawyers know the benefits of technology.

Our proprietary smart-phone App, ‘LHD Lawyers Case Tracker’ means that all relevant information to your case is at your fingertips.

Case Tracker enables you to quickly and conveniently track your case, and sends push and email notifications to you when your case changes status. It also allows you to

  • Contact your Solicitor and their team
  • Send photographs of incidents or any other images directly to them
  • Notify you of upcoming appointments
  • Enables you to view the location of each appointment and provide directions
  • Set reminders to your iPhone or Android smartphone Calendar.
  • View your Solicitors profile, providing a summary of their experience and skills.
  • Stay informed of articles, blogs, videos and LHD news
  • Provides all of the relevant contact details for all of our offices within Australia.

Introducing our Case Tracker App

Innovation comes naturally to us at LHD Lawyers. Unlike our competitors, we aren’t afraid of using technology and can see how it makes a difference to our clients.

  • Contact your solicitor and their team
  • Send images of your incident or files
  • Notify you of upcoming appointments

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